Ranger: 2 / Scout: 3
Chaotic Neutral
STR:14 * DEX:20 * CON:10 * INT:13 * WIS:15 * CHA:11
HP:32 * SPD:40’
AC:18 * TouchAC:15 * FlatFootedAC:18 * Initiative:8
Fortitude:5 * Reflex:11 * Will:3 *
BAB:+4 * Grapple:+6

Tracking; Wild Empathy; Alertness; Two-Weapon Fighting; Trackless Step; Fast Movement: +10’; Uncanny Dodge; Battle Fortitude: +1; Skirmish: +1d6, +1AC; Quick Reconnoiter

Key Skills:

Balance:13 ; Hide:13 ; Listen:13 ; Move Silently:13 ; Search:11 ; Spot:13 ; Survival:13 ; Tumble:13


• Mirthless and quiet (rarely speaks if not as a direct response to another – cautious and polite when he does speak, though)

• Introverted/ introspective (does not share feelings or history with any ease)

• Grotesque scar (jagged and wide running from right jaw, up and across nose, through left eyebrow, ending just below hairline); keeps the cowl of cloak up most of the time, hiding face in shadows (has a hard time dealing with peoples’ reactions to disfigurement); humbled by this and laments youthful vanity (regretting lack of modesty and bitterly hating current appearance – but grudgingly accepting it as its own punishment) * 11 CHA: Beautiful, but scarred; has a powerful persona, but makes no attempts to lead or command respect; intentionally inconspicuous

• Body is scarred from years of skirmishes with orcs and surviving the harsh wilds; considers these badges of honour and makes no effort to keep them hidden (but does not display them intentionally)


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